HDW Technology Fabric

Durable, 100% waterproof and easy to clean, all Feelfree Gear bags are made from a unique heavy duty yet super soft fabric that’s impregnated with our proprietary PVC coating.

Completely waterproof and with a soft wipe clean surface, it’s also strong, hard wearing and highly abrasion resistant compared to other waterproof fabrics.

Perfect for protecting your gear when taking on any adventure or lifestyle.


High Frequency Welding Seam Construction

For seams that are at least as strong and as waterproof as our HDW Fabric – you simply have to use High Frequency Welding technology.

During this process, the seams to be joined are clamped between two dies and subjected to a high frequency voltage which causes the molecules in the seams to vibrate and create heat. This heat, and the pressure applied by the two dies, fuses the seams together creating the ‘weld’ . The welds on all Feelfree gear bags are 100% waterproof and at least as strong as the material they join. Welded seams outperform and outlast glued or tape seams and our perfect for heavy usage in harsh environments.

Waterproof Level and Guidelines.

Don’t let wet gear spoil a great day.

N Not Waterproof


Material is totally waterproof but seams or zips may leak if subjected to prolonged exposure to water or high water pressure. Not suitable for accidental submersion. Ideal for heavy duty weatherproof travel luggage.
L2   Quick submersion proof. Completely waterproof material and High Frequency Welded Seams with our Tri-Fold dry closure. Short term protection from ingress of water if accidentally submerged. Ideal for any activity where you don’t intend to get your kit wet but there’s a high chance it could happen.
L3   Submersion proof.
To create a closure that will stop water ingress caused by accidental or quick submersion, simply align the two fabric seal strips together and fold tightly a minimum of three times towards the back of the bag. Then clip the buckles to lock the waterproof seal. And for a greater peace of mind, our Tri-Fold Dry Closure not only stops water, dust, snow and mud – it’s also a great deterrent against unwanted hands.

Our Tri-Fold Dry Closure is truly multi-functional as well. It folds up on our Dry Tubes to create an additional carry handle, down on our Dry Duffels to maintain a compact shape and up or down on our back packs to suit your requirements.

For easy and quick access when there’s no threat from the weather just clip the closure down without folding.

Align the two fabric strips at the top of the Tri Fold Dry Closure and fold them tightly a minimum of three times towards the back of the bag. Then fold the closure upwards and clip the buckles at each end of the Tri Fold Dry Closure together creating a waterproof and airtight seal and a useful additional handle. Found on all Dry Tubes and Dry Back Packs (Not Track)


Align the two fabric strips at the top of the Tri Fold Dry Closure and fold them tightly a minimum of three times towards the back of the bag. Then fold each end of the Tri Fold Dry Closure down to the side of the bag and clip the buckles on the end of the closure to the buckle located on the side of the bag. Pull the webbing strap holding the buckle on the side of the bag tight to lock the Tri Fold Dry Closure down. Repeat on both sides to create a waterproof and airtight seal. Found on all Dry Duffels, Dry Back Packs (Not Track) and Jazz.


A number of our bags feature external compartments accessed via weatherproof YKK zippers. They’re a great place to store stuff that you need quick access to, even when the weathers trying to spoil your fun. Our weatherproof zippers will protect your gear against light rain and splashes but you’ll need to keep any belongings that absolutely have to stay dry in the main compartment. All pockets accessed by our weatherproof zippers are internally separated from our main Tri Fold Dry Closure protected main compartments. Found on Dry Duffel 15, Metro and Roadster.


We use closed cell foam in our padded back pack straps and back panels. Closed cell foam is strong and offers long lasting comfort due to minimal distortion or compression. It also resists the absorption of water so drains and dry’s quickly – perfect on our gear that’s designed to protect your gear from wet weather of water based activity. Found on Dry Tanks, Track, Metro and Roadster back packs straps and pads as well as Cruiser detachable shoulder straps.


Incorporated onto the contact points of our shoulder straps and back pads, 3D Air Mesh creates air flow between the back pack and wearer to further aid comfort and breathability. Found on Dry Tanks, Track, Metro and Roadster back packs straps and pads as well as Cruiser back padding and detachable shoulder straps.


Great to help stabilize your pack when carrying heavy loads or during high action activities. But when they get in the way when your just hauling your laptop to work, just take them off and store them in your bag. They can also dual as emergency tie downs to secure your bag into a raft or onto your motorbike rack. Found on Dry Tanks, Track, Metro , Roadster and Cruiser 72 and 90.


This great feature turns your pack into a waterproof and shock resistant tech pack. Our padded Tech Sleeve will take your laptop, tablet, smart phone, pens and other essentials and locate them securely in the back of your back. Fits up to 15.6 inch laptops. Found on Metro and Roaster series back packs.


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