Mystery Tripping in South East Asia

Mystery Tripping in South East Asia

Kayaking Team uses Feelfree Gear Dry Tanks on ‘First Decent’ expedition to China

A team of 6 expedition white water kayakers from the UK and US have just returned from a trip of a lifetime to South West China and the Salween River basin. The Salween rises in the Qinghai Mountains on the Tibetan Plateau and flows via China through a deep gorge known as ‘The Grand Canyon of the East’ before emptying into the Andaman Sea.

One of the team members was experienced UK kayaker James Shrimpton, Manager of the Manchester Canoes and Kayaks shop which is part of the Canoe Shops Group, Feelfree Gear’s UK Distributor.

The team used Feelfree Gear’s Dry Tank 60 litre backpacks to transport much of their kit and provisions on the 4-week self-supported journey which included using mules to carry the Feelfree Gear Dry Tanks and the team’s kayaks over a 4500m pass to access the watershed of the Yuqu River.

Highlight of the trip was an 8 day first decent of a major tributary of the Salween River. This was an amazing trip where the photos tell the story far better than any words.

The team would like to thank their supporters on the trip which included Manchester Canoes, Canoe Shops Group, Feelfree Gear, Patagonia and Watershed.
All photos credited to James Shrimpton and Team


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