Recycled Waterproof Urban Bags & Backpacks for Men

We all know that the future of our planet is in the hands of the human race, for us and for our children. And now, more than ever sustainability is our number one priority at Feelfree Gear. We are committed to doing whatever we can possibly do to help make a difference starting with the introduction of the Urbanion ECO Collection, a series of commuter style waterproof bags for the eco-conscious consumer.

Yes, we’re doing it for planet earth but we’re also doing it for you because we know that you have already committed to doing your part by recycling, now it’s our turn to support you in your efforts.

Of course, we all know it may be impossible for one single person to make a significant impact - however, collectively we can all come together to get there and we will. It starts with the choices we make on a daily basis, whether it’s the simple act of using a paper straw versus a plastic one or buying products that are manufactured with recycled materials.

The Feelfree Gear Urbanion ECO Collection utilizes such materials - specifically recycled plastic bottles. Through a unique process of turning bottles into fabrics we have been able to design a series of men's multifunction eco bags such as backpacks and travel bags that are not only stylish, lightweight and extremely durable but they’re 100% waterproof too.

Plastic Bottle Recycle Process

The collection offers you peace of mind because you may be a go-getter, on the run, always focused on your next project and the last thing you need to be worrying about is exposing your belongings to the elements. Through a variety of manufacturing techniques and materials, all Urbanion bags offer some level of waterproof capability. So no matter if you plan to walk, run, bike or even hike, you’ll find peace of mind knowing your valuables are kept safe.

Sustainability may be our priority but so are you and that’s why Urbanion bags are meticulously produced with attention to every detail from both the functionality of the bag to how it looks because we know image is important to you. The collection offers a variety of multipurpose yet simply designed sleek styles and colors including waterproof travel bags, cross body day bags, laptop bags and backpacks.

Each Urbanion bag, whether you are traveling with a backpack or on your daily commute with a messenger bag, compliments your urban lifestyle while giving you a sense of satisfaction knowing your contribution to our global effort in sustainability utilizing recycled product materials. Browse the full collection below.


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