Tropical Beach Style Waterproof Canvas Bags 

The Feelfree Gear Tropical Collection, waterproof dry bags for those who are passionate about the tropics and feel that every day is a beach day because traveling is more than just a vacation - it’s a lifestyle. And while you may find it hard to keep your mind off your last beach excursion to the clear blue waters of the Bahamas and your most recent cruise from Florida - you find happiness in making travel plans to your next tropical destination.

The Tropical Collection by Feelfree Gear captures the essence of who you are and where you want to be not only through function but also by design. The collection of dry backpacks, travel duffel bags, hand bags, totes, wallets and more feature a mix of multiple tropical design patterns inspired by the “Bird of Paradise”, a flowering plant native to remote tropical destinations. Colorful, bright and beautiful, these patterns convey the emotions you get when relaxing on a sandy beach where the sea sparkles and the warm rays of sunlight combined with the sweet smell of the sea breeze bring you peace and happiness.

But don’t let the beauty of these bags fool you, the combination of materials and the manufacturing process offers you worry-free durability for years to come no matter where you travel-ventures may take you. The collection of bags are constructed with a mix of waterproof anti-bacterial polyurethane coated canvas and Tarpaulin materials and manufactured using a technically advanced process called high frequency welding, which guarantees seams that do not leak - waterproof and worry free!

The collection offers a variety styles including travel bags, hand bags and even backpacks to help keep your wallets, passport, phone, camera and other belongings safe from sand, water and other elements. Focus on fun rather than your stuff so you can enjoy your days basking in the sun.

So no matter your destination, whether it be a relaxing day on a beach or pool, a week long cruise vacation or a weekend of adventure paddling a SUP board, surfing and boating, capture the essence of the tropics with the Feelfree Gear Tropical Collection.


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