Feelfree Gear bags utilize a variety of high technology materials designed to offer water and weather-proof capabilities and made to withstand years of rugged use. Whether you simply plan to stroll around town or trek the farthest reaches of the earth, you can rest assured your gear will be protected by your Feelfree Gear bag. 

All Feelfree Gear bags are constructed using one or more of the following materials:

The most commonly used material for Feelfree Gear bags is a high quality Tarpaulin, which is 100% waterproof, durable, abrasion resistant and easy to clean. 

Waterproof Canvas
Some bags use a canvas material made from treated polyester canvas yarns which are twice as strong and resilient as those made with traditional cotton. The canvas is coated with high quality clear polyurethane ensuring the material is completely waterproof, won’t stain and resists odors. The canvas is also UV resistant, flexible and resists creasing despite its pliability.

High-Quality Faux Leather
A few select bags are highlighted with quality synthetic leather (PU Microfiber) which is also laminated with a polyurethane coating making it waterproof and durable for rugged use.