Waterproof Adventure Bags & Backpacks

The Feelfree Gear Adventure Collection, waterproof dry bags for those who enjoy the journey as much as the destination - boundless, ready to explore the outdoors with no time for rest - it’s not by choice, it’s simply in your DNA, in every molecule of your body and we get it. Feelfree Gear dry bags, backpacks and travel bags will help you fulfill your adventurous spirit whether you’re spending a fun day casually exploring your state park trails and waterways or choose to go to the extreme where others don’t dare go – there’s something for everyone. 

The Adventure Collection features durable multi-functional waterproof bags in various sizes and styles including traditional dry bags, adventure backpacks, travel duffel bags and small pouches. Each bag is constructed with a high-quality 100% waterproof and weather resistant material called Tarpaulin and manufactured using a technically advanced process called high frequency welding, which guarantees seams that do not leak. All bags are finished off with heavy-duty hardware, zippers and straps (varies by model). The combination of materials and craftsmanship results in durable bags that will last years of abuse no matter where you go while keeping your belongings safe. 

But, it’s not all about function, technology and features, it’s also about your lifestyle as a weekend outdoor recreational enthusiast or the most extreme adventurer. Feelfree Gear’s waterproof dry bags are ideal for all the extra gear you need to fulfill your adventures including kayaking, hiking, trekking, diving, skiing, surfing, camping and rafting and more. Aside from protecting your valuables such as keys, phone, wallet and passport, bring an extra set of clothes, a first aid kit and a camera to capture your experiences. You’ll find peace of mind knowing you can focus on your adventure versus worrying about your gear. 

Function is key, but so is making a fashion statement when it comes to those who embrace adventure as a lifestyle. Each dry bag, backpack, sack and travel bag has been manufactured with clean lines and bright vibrant colors highlighted by contrasting elements making them dynamic in design but rugged in nature.

The Feelfree Gear Adventure Collection – helping fulfill your spirit of adventure while creating new experiences that ultimately become epic stories. Browse the full product line below.


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