Waterproof Dry Tube Bag

The Feelfree Gear Dry Tube is, quite simply, the number one dry bag on the market. Quick submersion proof and made from our signature waterproof tarpaulin, it’s completely versatile and will protect your electronics and other valuables from the elements, no matter what activity you’re participating in.
Simply throw it over your shoulder using the adjustable strap, and when you get covered in mud while hiking or biking, get completely drenched while sailing or surfing, or get blasted by sand whilst down at the beach, you can be sure your possessions won’t be.
With four sizes for you to choose from, there’s a bag to suit all types of activity. And with our Tri Fold Dry Closure, high frequency welded seams and super-strong stitching, you can push yourself to your absolute limits without worrying.
You can also combine a Dry Tube with another one of our dry storage bags when traveling.
Dimensions (inches)
  • Tube Mini 3L | 6 1/2 w x 8 3/4 H
  • Dry Tube  5L  | 7 7/8 w x 9 3/4 H
  • Dry Tube 10L | 7 7/8 W x 15 3/4 H
  • Dry Tube 15L | 9 3/4 W x 15 3/4 H


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